Quick Book Reviews: From Baghdad, with Love


From Baghdad, with Love by Lieutenant Colonel Jay Kopelman

Yes, I’ll admit it – as someone who is very much a dog-person, upon seeing those eyes stare out from me from the charity shop bookshelves, and then seeing the title and the tagline of ‘A heartwarming story of devotion’, my heart was instantly melted by the cover alone, and I bought it perhaps solely because I knew it would be a weepy one for me. It then took a couple of years before I actually got round to reading it (one of many atop an ever-growing pile, hence the giving myself a much-needed kick up the bum and starting the ‘To Read List’), and found that this story – that of a puppy left behind in the aftermath of a military bombing in Fallujah, and the efforts of a US Marine to rescue him by getting him the hell out of Iraq (whom the book is written by, offering quite a brutal, frank depiction of the ravages of war), is indeed an emotional one, and especially tense, as securing rescue for ‘Lava’ proves far from simple – meaning that once the end is in sight in the book’s final pages, the reader is on the edge of their seat, fearing the worst after all the setbacks and near-misses throughout the book, in a chapter that is beautifully written by Kopelman- short, sharp paragraphs combined with the feeling of dread before opening an email – a very effective ending to a well-written account, that shows you another side to the ‘War on Terror’, and succeeds in showing you the human side of those who fought within it. This is not the kind of book I would normally find myself reading, but I am very glad I made the effort to read this. It gets a 4/5 from me.

And, the To Read List has been accordingly updated! Watch this space for more reviews. Until next time folks…

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