Weds poetry prompt: ‘Versus Yourself’


Yesterday’s prompt: Write a ‘struggle’ poem.

Versus Yourself

When your appetite for life is waning
And simple pleasures seem so far away
Inside your head it’s raining,
But outside it’s a sunny day.

The safe haven of sleep
Slips through your shaking hands
As you struggle so much to keep
Your head from sinking into the sand.

When you’re lost and restless
And your tired bones won’t sit still
You tell yourself it’s hopeless
Reaching for them ‘happy pills’.

But they can’t save you from yourself
And the demons raging inside,
You make your own mental health
By living the life you decide.

When you get yourself right
And put your own dreams first,
You’ll start to see the light
And lift yourself over the worst.

To step back from the edge
Before you’re lost to the dark below
Is to finally make that pledge
That you will still live for tomorrow.

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