What to Expect in Future Updates!


Okay, so I admit I’ve been slacking a bit on this blog lately (I’ve mainly been posting the poems that result from the ‘Wednesday Poetry Prompts’ over on the Writer’s Digest site), this is due to a number of reasons/flimsy excuses: work, tiredness and a general lack of motivation lately, etc (which I’m trying to work on), so this is just a quick post to give you an idea of what to expect in future installments from the Scribblings of Stu – and posting this as a kind of ‘to do list’ will hopefully give me that much needed motivation/kick up the bum. So then – future plans:

  • Continue working on the Pokemon Go-inspired short story I posted a while back (and think of a title) – that is, if people liked what I’d written so far? I’d also be very keen to actually finish a short story, as this is still something I have yet to achieve.
  • In the same spirit, resume work on a short story I started and have had on the back burner for a long while, with the tentative title of ‘Dead Flowers in the Window’ – without giving too much away, it involves talking cats and parallel universes. Sound intriguing? (or downright nutty perhaps) I might post this in installments on the blog if there is enough interest)
  • Put together a new writing timetable so that I actually have time set aside within the week to work on this blog – in particular I want to make the ‘Monday Musings’ posts I kind-of-sort-of-started a regular thing (again, if people liked the ones I have shared so far)
  • As I’ve mentioned before, I am also working on a novel currently, entitled ‘Searching for Sunset’ – I may begin posting extracts from this (or at least the opening chapter) in order to get some feedback and critiques.

So that’s what to expect from me in the hopefully very-near future! Oh and also, before I sign off, something I’m very excited about:

Until next time,

Stu x

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