Weds poetry prompt: A Life Played in Cards


(A bit late this week, I know!)

This week’s prompt: Write a ‘card’ poem

A Life Played in Cards

You gotta play the game, kid
The one with unspoken rules
Hidden behind false smiles
And all those slimy handshakes
From the ones who hold the cards.
Pretend to be an expert player,
Cheat and steal selectively
So as not to show yours all at once.

Keep those cards close to your chest
Breathing them out at the right time
To keep smooth-talkers on their toes,
Tease the pack one-by-one,
Slip them your story slowly
So they keep coming back for more,
Turn over the harsher truths
And discard less desirable parts.

You’ll of course lose the odd round
In this cruel, cryptic challenge
Change the deck, dust yourself off
Stand back up and shuffle it
Until finely tuned to your liking.
Find the cracks in your competitor
And force them to show the face
That spells the weakness inside.

Cut through those time-wasters
And find the worthy opponents,
As well as valuable accomplices
In this whole wretched confusion
That some choose to categorise
As some small simplistic ‘game’,
Where carefully crafted card houses
So often fall into formless heaps.

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