2016 Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 2 – ‘Creed of the Cat’


Today’s prompt: Write an ‘animal spirit’ (or spirit animal) poem (i.e. a poem written from the perspective of a certain animal)

Creed of the Cat

I stake a claim for this land
By brushing my black behind
Against all its walls and corners,
Safely depositing my scent here
So that my fellow felines all know
That it’s my spot to scratch and sniff in
And if they dare scamper upon it,
They shall be met with my cold, hard stare.

A stare that succinctly says,
“I could scratch those stupid eyes out,
And sink my teeth into your inferior fur,
Right down to the flesh and bone beyond,
But for now, I shall simply sit,
As you keep inching further forward,
And see if you really are stupid enough
To step into my unspoken circle”.

For this is how feline wars are fought,
Not with your petty human words,
Or needlessly destructive weapons,
But merely with our silent rules
And settled swiftly by way of claws
That hold no deep profound beliefs,
Only the common law of cat-hood.

Black, white, tabby or ginger,
Tilly, Bagpuss, Felix or Tiger,
The colour and the name don’t matter
In this simple creed of one cat to another.

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