2016 Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 7 – ‘Spring Clean for the Soul’


Today’s prompt: Write an ‘activity’ poem (I chose the activity of tidying up/sorting out)

Spring Clean for the Soul

Sorting our way through
A seemingly endless pile of ‘things’
Soothes a restless head
Simply by offering the distraction
Of organising and tidying
That calms the lost and displaced.

Arranging the sheer amount amassed
In a not-always admitted hoarder’s home
To appear more pleasing to the eye
At least restores some purity
And adds the illusion of space
To so many overcrowded rooms.

Treasures reveal themselves too
While working tirelessly through,
Trinkets and charms thought lost,
Photos presumed lost to time,
Old notes and scribbled ideas
Can now be breathed a life anew.

After digging through chaotic dust
These discoveries drive us on,
Drilling into us newfound purpose
That keeps our demons at bay.
The only harsh decision left to make
Is what belongs in the bin instead.

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