2016 Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 11 – ‘Knick-Knack Cat’


Today’s prompt: Write a ‘description’ poem – pick someone or something to describe.

(I chose the strange cat ornament that sits at my desk – as pictured above – one of those knick-knacks that I do not remember when or where I came to possess it! Nonetheless, it provided poetic inspiration today, so please enjoy 🙂 )

Knick-Knack Cat

With its beady, crooked eyes
It sits and judges at my desk
Willing me to write more,
My totem of motivation,
My muse in trinket form;
My little red knick-knack cat.

It’s a feline of bizarre colour,
Pale-red fur with little white dots
And sporadic patches of yellow and black,
With back arched and ready to pounce
In a position likely defying physics
Or at the least, very uncomfortable.

I cannot recall where I obtained it
Or indeed even exactly when,
But it is my constant companion,
The impromptu mascot of my desk
Which always finds its way there
Each and every time I move home.

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