2016 Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 24 – ‘Reconciliation’

sunset in the woods, instagram retro style

Today’s prompt: Write an imitation poem (Pick a poem you enjoy and write an imitation of it).

An interesting prompt, this one! I plumped for ‘Correspondences’ by Baudelaire, from his collection ‘The Flowers of Evil’ (one of my all-time favourite poets). I feel this one will most likely need some revision and refining later down the line, and I don’t think I can hope to capture the same poetic beauty as the man himself did, but I’m reasonably pleased with the result! See what you think… (the original poem follows my ‘imitation’)


In the forest shrine, the trees have awoken
And talk in strange mysterious ways;
Mortals wander through their cryptic maze
The forest forging with them a connection unspoken.

Some sound hides deep within the plantation,
Heard as whispers, joint in harmony,
Both of inner dark and outer verdancy,
So smell, shade and sound effect reconciliation.

So many scents, fresh as the morn,
Carried by soothing breeze, lifted from the grass
-Others harsher, sharp to the senses,

With sensations stretching and vast,
And so much for eyes, ears and nose to discern,
All coming together in a chorus of consensus.

(In respectful imitation of):

(Charles Baudelaire, The Flowers of Evil)

Nature is a temple, where the living
Columns sometimes breathe confusing speech;
Man walks within these groves of symbols, each
Of which regards him as a kindred thing.

As the long echoes, shadowy, profound,
Heard from afar, blend in a unity
Vast as the night, as sunlight’s clarity,
So perfumes, colours, sounds may correspond.
Odours there are, fresh as a baby’s skin,
Mellow as oboes, green as meadow grass,
-Others corrupted, rich, triumphant, full,

Having dimensions infinitely vast,
Frankincense, musk, ambergris, Benjamin,
Singing the senses’ rapture, and the soul’s.

(Translated from the French by James McGowan, Oxford World’s Classics Edition of The Flowers of Evil)

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