2016 Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 26 – ‘Visitors at Night’


Today’s prompt: ‘Write a visitor poem. The poem could be about being a visitor to somewhere new. Or the poem could be about hosting a visitor. Write about an expected visitor or someone who shows up by surprise’.

Visitors at Night

Strange visitors of the night
Who hide during the day
But in the dark, come out to play.
They merely exist in daylight,
Sleeping through the burden of the sun,
It is the moon that makes them whole
And awakens their anarchistic soul,
For them the day’s end is where it’s just begun.
They’ll take forms bizarre and beautiful
Some squeezed into their skin-tight leather
Others baring flesh with brazen disregard for weather,
Things day-dwellers would no doubt deem unsuitable.
These night visitors care not for such decorum,
Whether indulging those in lonely homes,
Or assuming their role in red-light zones,
They’d rather this than brighter hours’ boredom.

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