Weds poetry prompt: Make it Pop


This week’s prompt: Write a ‘pop’ poem.

Back to the weekly Wednesday prompts! An interesting prompt this one, and this is what ‘popped’ into my head, and then again popped out as a poem as a result. Enjoy…

Make it Pop

‘Make it fizz, make it pop!’
Is what our weary designer
Hears from over his shoulder
As he attempts to appease
The irritatingly clueless client
And their vexingly vague request.

But that’s not the ‘fizz’ they meant,
That’s not the ‘pop’ they were after,
No, they really wanted it to jump out
And hit right between the gullible eyes
Of their unsuspecting consumers,
So they’re left blinded by banality.

The increasingly irritated designer
Throws another idea together,
Hoping this time he’s captured
This idiotic concept of ‘pop’
Or indeed, that elusive ‘fizz’
That they continue to clamour for.

Alas, it is still not yet suitable,
But they give no further insight
Into just what they wish it to be
Beyond these silly buzzwords
That mean nothing to him
And boil up his blood so.

He gives up in a huff,
Politely suggesting that perhaps
They might shove their precious ‘pop’
Firmly up their own posterior,
And leave him in peace
To pursue work he deems worthy.

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