Who Dares?


(A poem written from a prompt as part of last year’s April PAD Challenge from Writer’s Digest – the prompt being to write a ‘Dare’ poem.)

Who Dares?

‘How dare you?’, we all say.
Well, someone has to,
They counter defiantly.
After all, if no one did,
It’d be frightfully dull.

We need the bolder ones
Among us, those tricksters
To voice what we all think,
To inject needed colour
In this wishy-washy world.

The wily wisecrackers who
Breathe life into vapid parties
And save us from small-talk,
As we gasp at their sheer gall
In awe of their insolent antics.

They pull down the pants
Of the high and uppity,
Laugh in the very faces
Of self-important leaders,
They are the ones, who dare.

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