Weds poetry prompt: ‘Dreaming in Grey’


Today’s prompt: Write a dream poem.

Dreaming in Grey

I’d long to tell you thrilling tales
Of adventures laced with danger,
Full of magic and ferocious dragons,
But it may disappoint you to learn
That my dreams more often come
In a rather mundane flavour instead.

They star the same old faces
That I see while still awake,
Just cast into different roles
And thrust to other places,
Merely a tedious rearranging
Of my daily hours in reality.

Even my so-called nightmares
Are simply petty material concerns,
The looming terror of late payments
And long-crippling stresses
That mutate into lurking spiders
Just waiting to leap at my sleeping face.

Maybe as a child my dreams were made
Of much more exciting things than this,
Now I’m grown, they simply reaffirm
My fears so wretchedly ordinary,
But I still faintly hope that one night,
Sleep will show me wild fantasies again.

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