‘The Scientist’s Sacrifice’


(A poem written from a prompt as part of 2015’s April PAD Challenge from Writer’s Digest – the prompt being to write a ‘science’ poem)

The Scientist’s Sacrifice

The scientist seeks meaning
In this mysterious world,
Chasing that elusive equation
That may explain it all.

To find it he must shut out
The rest of the world, the same
That he is trying to set rules for,
Only then is his conduct optimal.

He scoffs at social sciences,
Finds the flaws in each faith,
They are irritating viruses
That cloud the bigger picture.

He will unclothe the universe,
Stare at her, naked, until
She surrenders her secrets
And lets him inside.

The women of the world
May wish and wait for him,
But he will not be stirred
From the seduction of Science.

This is his untiring mission,
To ask every single question,
Each and every one except
What it is to be happy.

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