Weds poetry prompt: ‘Catching the Sunset’

Yes, this is my header image, which is actually a painting I did of the beach at Hunstanton, where I spent many a happy childhood holiday 🙂

Today’s prompt: Write a ‘nothing better’ poem.

(My mind evidently drifted to memories of childhood holidays! Hope you enjoy my little trip down memory lane…)

Catching the Sunset

In those times far simpler
When my years did not yet exceed
The innocence of single digits,
There was no greater pleasure
Than the annual family adventure
To the land of sun, sand and sea.

We’d scamper the entire length
Of a pebble-laden paradise
As those grand cliffs watched over
And left their chalky debris below,
Stopping at sporadic intervals
To investigate each and every rock pool.

Then would come the rite of passage
Into the inviting blue of the sea,
A path most chilling at first,
But soon the water became one
With our tiny, trembling bodies
Beckoning us to explore its mysteries.

And so we’d spend each magical day,
Until the sun began its majestic slumber,
Painting the sky orange and purple
With sodden sand as an unlikely mirror,
There was rarely a sight seen better
In our wide and unassuming eyes.

And yet as I close them now
Supposedly older and wiser
I can still see this precious sunset of childhood.

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