Weds poetry prompt: ‘Confused Automation’


Today’s prompt: Write a ‘refresh’ poem

Confused Automation

I’m checking for updates
Or any helpful signs
In the shifting clouds
Up in that same old sky
That might upgrade this tired model
And refresh an arid actuality
Only to ultimately find
There are no simple, quick fixes
Nor a series of post-release patches
In this anomaly otherwise known as real life.

To escape from this constant stream
Of familiar but contemptible faces
And well-trodden routes and places,
I conclude that I must seize control
To derail this mentally-crafted train
That I have found myself trapped in,
Or else risk arriving at a hated station
Day after day, and night after night
Until my limbs are no longer my own
And are lost to confused automation.

Lines and paths thought hidden from me
Are now within my trembling grasp
These hands now wrestled free
From petty concerns and demands.
My mind too, released from tight manacles
Of a map made of deceptive limits
Has now determined a new course
Forged from my long-thirsting will
That can now finally drink again
From a vessel now inwardly refreshed.

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