Weds poetry prompt: ‘Tomatoes’


Today’s prompt: Write a ‘Nope’ poem.

An interesting prompt once again this week – took me a while to think about, but in the end I decided to write about my somewhat paradoxical dislike of a certain fruit…hoping some can relate to this! Enjoy…


I’ll always ask for ketchup,
I’ll happily slurp red soup,
I’ll even partake of a pizza
Drenched in that familiar paste,
Or prepare myself a pasta
Coated in its thick sauce,
But my tongue simply cannot abide
The frightful texture of the fruit
That spawned all these forth,
And will surely gag in retort,
Therefore I will always say ‘Nope!’
To the vile, rubbery bitterness
Otherwise known as the tomato,
And save my teeth and tongue the torture.

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3 thoughts on “Weds poetry prompt: ‘Tomatoes’

  1. Reminds me of the time a kid at Steak n’ Shake ordered a strawberry milkshake and then freaked out because it had strawberries in it!


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