Weds poetry prompt: ‘Silent Heights’


Today’s prompt: Write an ekphrastic poem. That is, a poem based on a piece of visual art–a painting, a photograph, a sculpture.

Always enjoy giving the ekphrastic thing a go. I opted to write one based on the image above, which was one of the examples supplied on the page. See what you think 🙂

Silent Heights

Solitary roads so often hide
In the cover of elevation
Where the turmoil of the surface
Cannot hope to break through,
There is only peace in these peaks
Free of the burdens of the ground.

Here in these silent heights
Are narrow, makeshift steps,
Precariously placed, perhaps,
Winding eternally in and around
The ancient giants of rock
That watch tiny mortals tread across.

The climb is one worth the struggle
For up here, where twin titans
Are conjoined by path of stone
Is a truly sublime and magical vision
Of both mist-cloaked mountains above
And the deep, gaping chasm below.

The quiet contentment this view brings
Washes over like a phantom wave
Which unveils the true, hidden nature
Of this meek and reserved world
That will continue to cast its beauty
In spite of all the strife within.

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