2017 April PAD Challenge Day 11: ‘Form vs. Freedom’ #aprpad


Day 11: ‘Two for Tuesday’ prompt:

  • Write a sonnet. I know some folks will say a writing a form is not a prompt, but I often use forms to prompt me into poems. And I know that some folks will say they hate traditional forms. Soooo, the other prompt is to…

  • Write an anti-form poem. Write about your dislike of poetic forms. Let it all out.

I’ll admit I groaned when I clapped eyes on ‘Write a sonnet’ – while I have dabbled in specific poetic forms before, I generally prefer to just write freely and see what happens. I was somewhat relieved, therefore, when I saw the other choice for today – a chance to vent my struggles with form! But please do not take the poem completely seriously, this is just my personal preference and of course I recognise the validity of certain forms, and admire those who can a) pull them off and b) actually still make a decent poem out of them. (as I go on to say). How do my fellow poets out there feel? Do you just write how you want or do you specifically follow certain forms/rules? Will be interesting to know others’ thoughts on this. Anyway without further ado, my own ‘Anti-form’ poem:

Form vs. Freedom

I struggle with sonnets,
I flinch at most such forms in fact,
Forcing a poet’s fire and passion
Into a strictly fixed number of lines
Or tightly regulated order of rhymes
Reduces it to a simple construct
Sorely lacking any identity or soul.
Of course masters can retain both
Even in precious few syllables,
Those blessed with mathematical flair as well,
I do not condemn their skill or choice
Nor the vessel of their poetic voice,
But I find my personal potential in freedom
Where form comes second to the words,
And my thoughts both poignant and absurd
All have equal chance to be heard.

Last year’s poem for Day 11: ‘In Defence of Dreamers’

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8 thoughts on “2017 April PAD Challenge Day 11: ‘Form vs. Freedom’ #aprpad

  1. I felt that same sense of dread when I thought I was going to have to write a sonnet. I just didn’t have time for that, and since taking a college level poetry class, I have almost gotten completely away from rhyme, with the exception of children’s poetry. I will admit, I don’t write the rhyme I do because I’m a bit lazy and just want to write without restrictions, but I will say I have fallen in love with the pantoum form (which isn’t a rhyming form).


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