2017 April PAD Challenge Day 12: ‘The Invisible Man’ #aprpad

Businessman Touching Domino Pieces Arranged in a Line

Day 12’s prompt: Write a guilty poem.

The Invisible Man

He called himself the invisible man
Yet ironically would always leave a trace,
Broken homes and shattered hearts
Callously left within his wake.
With no morality weighing on his mind
He would inevitably relent to temptation,
The guiltiest pleasures were for him the sweetest
And without the irritance of consequence,
For he would always simply disappear,
Leaving only a flurry of tears over a false name,
Never to be seen by gullible eyes again.
Until one day it caught up with him,
The unspeakable damage he had done
And guilt at last made him visible,
Naked and exposed to the world,
He could not outrun it forever,
It had taken hold at last,
Gnawing away until cruel games were answered for,
Devouring a tainted body whole
And swallowing his long-dormant soul.

Last year’s poem for Day 12 ‘A Little Splosh of Silliness’

(a bit more light-hearted, that one!)

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