2017 April PAD Challenge Day 14: ‘There’s Method in My Madness’ #aprpad


Day 14’s Prompt: Pick a popular saying and make that the title of your poem; then, write your poem.

Decided to go with one of the many that the great William Shakespeare coined! (and one that I can most definitely relate to!). Hope you enjoy…

There’s Method in my Madness

There’s method in my madness,
A master plan buried deep
Beneath my bizarre brand of speech
And an airtight logic behind
My assumed acts of lunacy.

For ‘madness’ is merely my strategy,
My slow-burning mind at work,
My attacks from all angles
That may be deemed senseless detours
By the heartless and harried ones

After all, is it not them afflicted by madness?
Throwing themselves into frenzy
And leaping ahead without looking,
While I simply step back with bated breath
My caution callously labelled as laziness.

They’ll all come to realise too late
What all my flowery words meant
And how foolish they had been
To ignore their ultimate intent,
The spectacular fall of the sensible men.

Last year’s poem for Day 14: ‘Listen to the Breeze’

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