2017 April PAD Challenge Day 18: ‘The Missing Rulebook’ #aprpad


Day 18’s Prompt: Write a life and/or a death poem.

(I opted, as I usually do, for a poem that incorporates both themes – enjoy!)

The Missing Rulebook

Life is a game
With its invisible rules
That constantly change,
So many simply mysteries
Which go unexplained,
We don’t know how it began,
Or even the when and why’s,
Nor the intended route
To take across this phantom board,
The only certainty is what comes
On landing upon that final square,
When death’s card is solemnly drawn.

For some it will be from an ill-advised
And risky roll of the critical dice,
For others it will simply be waiting
When time’s counter catches up to them,
Some it will catch unaware,
Indifferent to whether it is just or fair,
The end has no need to pretend
That it holds some great secret
Or that a purpose will be unfurled,
It merely takes when it chooses,
Which is perhaps still some comfort
In this waking world with confounding questions.

Last year’s poem for Day 18 – ‘Office of the Damned’

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