Published in Poetry Rivals 2016/end of April PAD Challenge


So as I mentioned previously in this post, the poem I entered for the Poetry Rivals 2016 competition was one of the 100 finalists and thus has been published in the anthology, which I just received in the post yesterday 🙂 Very pleased with this and will be sure to enter again for this year!

Also, yesterday I completed the last of the poems for this year’s April PAD Challenge, having fallen behind by a few days due to being away on a cruise for a friend’s stag do, but was determined to see it through to the end. As always a lot of the prompts forced me out of my confort zone to an extent, and it’s a really good motivator to write every day as well. I’d recommend it to anybody who has perhaps hit writer’s block or let their motivation fall by the wayside, as it has certainly energised me and the poetry I write, as does the challenge in November.

Also, I want to give special mention to two others who participated in this year’s challenge, who both have blogs here on WordPress – namely Sarah Lea Richards and Trish of ‘Trish Writes’ ; they have produced some brilliant work themselves this past month which has been a pleasure to folow and read, and also provided me with a lot of positive comments and support, so thank you very much for that ladies 🙂 Look forward to poeming with you again both next year (and also for the November PAD Challenge before that….?)

So to finish, here is a list with links to each of the poems I wrote this month for your reading pleasure. And for me, now begins the process of sorting and editing for what might earn a place in a future collection…watch this space 🙂

  1. ‘Odd Hours’
  2. ‘Not Today’
  3. ‘The Science of Love’
  4. ‘Waiting in Fiery Wings’
  5. ‘Oxygen’
  6. ‘Song of the Forest’
  7. ‘Search for Myself’
  8. ‘A Mind Under Attack’
  9. ‘So What Now?’
  10. ‘The Travellers’ Code’
  11. ‘Form vs. Freedom’
  12. ‘The Invisible Man’
  13. ‘October 2nd, 2015’
  14. ‘There’s Method in My Madness’
  15. ‘The Woman Left Behind’
  16. ‘Writing System’
  17. ‘The Most Deceptive Dance of All’
  18. ‘The Missing Rulebook’
  19. ‘Fragments in Blue’
  20. ‘The Harshest Taskmaster’
  21. ‘Coffee Mug’
  22. ‘The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog’
  23. ‘The Last Ones to Know’
  24. ‘The Twin Sisters’ Light’
  25. ‘Alone Together’
  26. ‘Weekend State of Mind’
  27. ‘A Day in the Life of a Drunken Buffoon’
  28. ‘Those Smells Sweet and Strange (A Haiku)’
  29. ‘Blinded by Measures’
  30. ‘The Sweet Release’

Liked these poems? Read more in my first poetry collection, ‘The Awakening’, avaliable NOW!

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