Entering the world of Open Mic…


So recently I have been trying to get myself out there and perform my poetry at any open mic nights or poetry slams I can find, and also began enlisting those with me to record me so I can establish a presence on the poetry ‘circuit’ – as a few months back there was one publisher I was eyeing who were taking submissions, but required you to have proof of an established presence within spoken word poetry. Hence the motivation to build up exactly that! So in this post I am sharing with you videos of two of my performances; I am hoping with time and practice I will become a bit more natural and confident with it, but I hope you enjoy regardless 🙂

Subscribe to my YouTube channel to see more in the future, and of course I’ll post them here on my blog as well 🙂 Has anyone else braved the world of open mic? Would be interesting to hear others’ experiences…

Check out my first poetry collection, ‘The Awakening’, avaliable NOW!

Paperback – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Awakening-Selection-Poems-Stuart-Peacock/dp/1911476335

eBook-: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B017BZBH6M


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