Weds poetry prompt: ‘An Ode to Van Gogh’

Vincent Van Gogh, Starry Night (1889)

This week’s prompt: Write a ‘historical persona’ poem

Blimey, I got a bit emotional writing this one! Van Gogh has always been one of my favourite artists of all time (and don’t get me started on how many tissues a certain episode of Doctor Who caused me to use), so I felt honoured to write this little tribute to him, the deeply troubled yet immensely talented artist. I’ve previously written another poem inspired by the man’s work too, so be sure to check that one out as well 🙂

So please, enjoy…

An Ode to Van Gogh

I’ve always been struck by your sunflowers,
Their round, yellow hopefulness
Revealing the precious bright spots
Within your own inner darkness.

I still stand in awe of your Starry Night
With its enchanting, swirly sky
That defies any orderly direction
But is so whimsically pleasing to the eye.

I see the true darkness of man
In the deceptive light of the Night Café,
Life’s misfits chasing green fairies
To wash away the misery of the day.

I can see your own dark heart too
That all artists know too well,
It afflicts painters and writers alike,
The crippling pain of the creatives.

But your torment made works
That stir and inspire even today,
And even deeply twisted hallucinations
Became truly beautiful creations.

I admire you from ages ahead,
Wishing we could shoot the breeze
Or that I could soften your sorrow,
But then, would your immortal name
Still be attached to such masterpieces?
This, I cannot hope to know,
But if your images draw such emotion,
Then maybe that in itself is enough.

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