Why I Write Poetry: Stuart Peacock


Inspired by this post from Writer’s Digest. Why do you write poetry? Would be great to hear from fellow poets just what it is that compels them to write 🙂

Why I Write Poetry: Stuart Peacock

I’ve always found myself drawn to poetry – whether it is delivering a deeply serious message, or simply a light-hearted laundry list of words arranged in such a way to make people laugh. Deciphering the meaning behind more mystic, cryptic poems is also something I find enjoyable – as if you are cracking the poet’s secret code and being let into the state of mind that produced those stirring words.

As well as reading it, writing poetry is something I just naturally found myself doing from a young age. In the broadest sense, I suppose one of the reasons I write it as it acts as a sort of therapy, a necessary release of the thoughts constantly whirring in my brain, be they good or bad. Anxiety is something I have always struggled with in my day-to-day life, and sometimes the dreaded black dog of depression rears his ugly head as well. Writing poetry allows me to give shape and form to this inner turmoil, which for whatever reason gives me the freedom to break away from it once it is there on paper in black and white. Not that I only write on exclusively negative feelings, I should add; other times I will feel in a cheeky mood and write something that pokes fun at the ridiculousness of everyday life, sometimes the words will spark from a fond memory, or often people and places encountered in my life will provide the theme. I suppose when you come right down to it, it’s simply a compulsion in my mind, the writer’s instinct – I have to write these thoughts down and arrange them into their appropriate rhythm (it probably helps that I am a sucker for wordplay and alliteration as well).

I also want others to read my work and enjoy the words for themselves – and find their own meaning from it – even if it is one that I hadn’t necessarily intended – that is the great thing about poetry, one pair of eyes can view the words one way while another may see them completely differently. If I know someone has found the poem relatable, or it has spoken to them in some way, you really do get a very warm feeling and sense of accomplishment. Conversely, if someone can’t figure out just what the hell you’re even talking about, at least you’ve got them thinking – frustration and befuddlement are perfectly valid responses as well!

All in all, I write poetry because if I didn’t, my brain would have dissolved into a pile of goo under the weight of all the unexpressed words a long time ago by now. It’s a much needed channelling of all the constant chattering in your head, and once it is down on paper, they are your words. You did that. And for poetry and prose writers alike, that is one of the best feelings in the world.

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