2017 Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 27 – ‘Change of Plans’


Today’s prompt: Take the phrase “(blank) Of (blank),” replace the blanks with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write your poem.

Change of Plans

And so comes the dreaded call:
‘We apologise for the disruption’
A statement vague enough
To appease any form of frustration;
They’d also appreciate your co-operation,
As they fumble for an explanation
For the source of your vexation;
Or they’ll be sorry for the inconvenience
In a desperate plea for lenience
From you for this maddening experience.
They do so hope you’ll understand
As after all, ‘The best laid plans…
Of mice and men
So often go down the pan’.
Well, that might not be it exactly,
But they’ve simply assumed
(Perhaps a little offensively)
You won’t know a fancy word like ‘awry’…
But whatever words they might use
Thinking of all calming tactics they can,
They’ll merely continue to anger and confuse
Those intolerant to changes of plan.

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