2018 April PAD Challenge Day 30: ‘Eyes Half Open’ #aprpad


Day 30’s promptWrite a ‘closing time’ poem.

So here we are at the end of another year’s April PAD Challenge…and a fitting prompt for the last day. Writing has been a great therapeutic release for me this month, more than ever really, and certain poems probably shed light on my current state of mind. Whatever the future brings, I hope you enjoy the last poem of the month, and have enjoyed the others too…the fun of revising/rewriting still to come…

Eyes Half Open

My eyes have been open
But have I really been awake?
Day after day, the same place
Seeing it, but not noticing
The things that others do
Who have not yet known the contempt
Of familiars thrown at their face
Until the will to engage, sadly fades.

Too much time I have dawdled through,
Making excuses not to depart,
Even though staying and waiting
Is like a knife to an aching heart.
The fear of change held me back
But no more will I bend to that hold,
For the leap into the great unknown
Is lesser pain, than remaining and regretting.

I curse myself for being half-awake,
The careless lapses and mistakes
That I have let myself make
In a world blurred and murky to me,
Tell myself I am in control
Of my own path and fate
And that no one else can dictate
My role in life’s shifting stage.

My eyes truly widen again,
Now seeing a distant light,
A signal that is time to go,
Make the change long delayed,
Close this door and open the next
Before it is too late.
Behind it is redemption
For too long not paying attention.

Last year’s poem for Day 30: ‘The Sweet Release’

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