‘I’m Sorry You Feel That Way’

Brilliant term – wish I’d come up with it myself

I’m Sorry You Feel That Way

‘I’m sorry you feel that way’ –
Out comes that excruciating excuse
Which quickly denies any part
In creating this haze of hard feeling,
A half-apology I tire of hearing,
Following my downright shocking reaction
To their thoughtless words or actions,
And yet still they hammer away:
‘You take too much to heart’, they say,
‘Too sensitive for your own good’,
Callously chipping blame into me.

Clearly, I must grow thicker skin
Or leave my humanity at home
Where it cannot cloud my sensibility,
How foolish I have been
To expect care or sympathy
At the detriment to the company!

Next, they will helpfully say
(Or subtly imply, at any rate)
‘Wipe those silly tears away,
And forget what’s made you frown,
Grin away and bloody well get on with it,
There’s only so many hours in the day
And this silliness has already pissed too many away’.

I stand up, roll up my socks and sleeves,
Compose myself for the greater good,
Take a deep breath, and simply state,
‘I’m sorry you feel that way’,
As I stride smugly to the door,
Bewildered, they don’t know what to say,
Before a defiant slam, I chirpily add,
‘Have a nice day!’

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