I won a poetry slam! (with videos)


So this week I competed in a poetry slam that took place in my hometown (and hope to take part in any future ones too) – I’m only just starting out with the whole public performance thing, but think I’m slowly gaining more confidence with it. What I wasn’t expecting was to win! There were two votes for best poet, one from the audience and one from the poets themselves. I was somewhat taken aback when I was announced as the winner of the audience choice! (Netting me a voucher to use for the local theatre, where the slam took place). I mainly tried out some of my more light-hearted, comedy stuff, which as you can see from the performance of ‘MARINA’S Magical Fingers’ above, seemed to get a pretty good reception (originally posted as last week’s Wednesday poetry prompt) As someone who’s never had a lot of confidence in himself (and very nearly didn’t go at all due to this self-doubt), this was a pretty big deal to me and has made me a lot more motivated to keep performing at events like this and really make a go of getting on the ‘spoken word circuit’. I have also been trying to put together a collection of more light-hearted, comedic poems, so again the positive reception here has given me more motivation too.

Anyway, please check out these videos of the other poems I performed – hope they entertain you too 🙂

‘Sticky Notes’ (originally posted as Day 8’s poem for the 2017 NOV PAD Challenge – as ‘Post-it Notes – this was before I thought of the more obvious, filthier title 😉 )

‘A Swing for All Seasons’ (originally posted here)

‘Remembered by the Words’ (originally posted as Day 24’s poem for the 2017 Nov PAD Challenge – ending on a more serious note…)

I’m also due to perform at another poetry slam in March – so I’ll let you know how that one goes!

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My Writing New Year’s Resolutions for 2018


So I haven’t been as active on this blog as I would have liked in 2017, besides the annual April PAD and November PAD Challenges, of course. I would like to remedy that in 2018, as well as be a bit more disciplined and active with my writing in general. In that spirit, these are the resolutions that I would like to achieve in 2018:

  1. Produce more content for the blog

As I said above, while I have been posting my poems for both of the annual challenges from Writer’s Digest and also the Wednesday Poetry prompts, I haven’t posted much else this year, or at least not consistently. Should I keep posting more of my selections from my writing/feel good playlist? Continue with the yearly retrospectives? (which I haven’t been doing since 2016, whoops). Did people enjoy my Monday musings? Clearly I need to figure out a tighter focus for the blog, with regular posts for certain days of the week, but also ensuring I have enough time for my other writing pursuits. Should be easy, right? (Right?)

2. Establish more of a presence on social media/online in general

This is the part I have always found tricky, as I’m sure many have, getting your name out there and trying to promote any books that you have published. For the record, of course there is my blog here but I am also present on other sites as well, all of which I most likely need to be more active on, so watch this space:


3. Submit more poetry for publication and competitions/put another poetry collection together


So as you may already be aware, I do have one poetry collection already available – The Awakening, which you can purchase in both paperback and E-book formats. You can also get a tasty sample in the form of the opening poem here. I have entered a few poetry competitions here and there, which earned me a place in the Poetry Rivals 2016 collection  But this year I aim to put together another poetry collection with the intention of getting it published, as well as submitting my chapbooks from both the 2015 and 2016 November PAD challenges. I also intend to be more active in submitting to poetry magazines and journals.

4. Continue being active in the Open Mic/Spoken Word circuit

I did begin to achieve this in 2017, as the video evidence shows:

I’m fully aware I need to work on my performances and confidence on the stage, but I am eager to improve and get my name out there in 2018…

5. Work on my novel, as well as the short stories I have on the back burner…

I have been working on and off on a novel for the past 3 or so years, and would really like to get back to it in 2018, as a lot of my focus has been on poetry as of late (not necessarily a bad thing, but I am eager to have a published novel at some point, as this has basically been a life-long dream of mine). While reading back over some of it makes me wince a little now, and the story most likely needs a lot of reworking, it is a story I really want to be out there in some form or another. There are also some short stories that I have begun and left on the back burner, so it would be nice to work on these too…

6. Read more!

This is always an important part of being a writer, and as you may have seen I have made efforts to discipline myself and get through the books that have forever been on my ‘To Read’ pile. (again this is another part of the blog I have been neglecting, apologies!). A big part of that for me, I think, will involve not getting distracted by my phone or various other screens quite so much, so wish me luck in that…

7. Start that other blog I’ve been meaning to for ages…


On a perhaps unrelated note (but still semi-related!) I am a bit of an obsessive fan of the video game series Shenmue, and now that the long-awaited third game is finally a reality, my passion for the series has inspired me to write about it (a book even may potentially be coming in the future). In that spirit, I will be starting a blog about the series, with the provisional title of ‘Shenmusings’…so if that happens to be of interest to you, watch out for that…

And with that, I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year. Any other writers out there got resolutions of their own?

Until next time

Stu x

Check out my debut poetry collection, ‘The Awakening’, avaliable NOW!

Paperback – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Awakening-Selection-Poems-Stuart-Peacock/dp/1911476335

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‘Beyond the Diagnosis’ (video)

This is a video of me performing the poem, ‘Beyond the Diagnosis’ – which is about celebrating autism and the uniqueness of people on the spectrum. This was a performance as part of the spoken word stage at an event organised by the company I work for (I’m a support worker for people with autism), and is me truly speaking from the heart. I am aware I need to work on my performance a little, try and be a little more natural – but I hope the overall message comes across.

This is the poem in text form:

Beyond the Diagnosis

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