The Fall of the Simpsons: How it Happened

(NB: Not my video!)

Just wanted to share this excellent analysis of the downfall of one of my favourite TV shows ever – I agree with most of the points and it explains excellently just how the show is now a shadow of its former self. As hardcore a fan as I am, I stopped watching regularly long ago and wish they’d let the damn thing die. Might even write my own thoughts on it on here at some point…


Years of My Life: 1993


To recap: This is a series of posts that will cover each year of my life since my birth in 1987; mainly the things that interest me that happened/were released or conceived that particular year. This will include happenings in the world of music, video games, literature and television that are of particular importance or nostalgia to me. I’m hoping that this will give my followers a better idea of where my interests and passions in life lie 🙂

Check out the previous post for 1992 here.

On to 1993!

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‘Come Here a Minute’

simpsons come here a minute

‘Come Here a Minute’

Come here a minute
I hear you cry
But do you want
Exactly a minute
Of my precious time?

Or do you mean
You want me to come
After one minute passes?

Your tone tells me that
It may not be good news
So should I come at all?

Is there something
You need to tell me,
Or is it just an excuse
To tell me what to do?

Will you praise me now
For a job well done
Or else expose an error
I have yet again made.

I’ll just stay put here
Pretend I have not heard
So that I do not know
The threat behind your words.

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