The ‘To Read’ List (Updated 8th May 2017)


EDIT: Updated 8th May 2017 – Ah – been a while since I’ve updated this, hasn’t it? Apologies for that. In the time since the last post I have since completed Good Bones and Profiles of the Future, and may post some brief thoughts on them shortly. I have also added Pompeii and Switch Bitch to the list.

…As for the subject of this post; yes, it is the dreaded ‘To Read’ pile that, for those like me who enjoy a good book, seems to grow ever bigger due to the heavy demands and committments of our everyday lives. It became a bit of a problem for me last year, as I was constantly buying books from second-hand bookshops/charity shops, thinking ‘I’ll get to all these someday’, only to find I had so many building up in my room, still unread. It was at that point I literally sorted them into a ‘To Read’ pile, and began, you know, actually reading the blasted things, further vowing to not buy anymore until I had finished them. I’ll admit I make the occassional exception – if there is a new Margaret Atwood coming out I will either buy it or ask for it as a gift, for example – but I’ve generally managed to keep to this pretty well. So, in order to keep an actual list for myself, here are all of the books that have amassed in the pile, with links to their Goodreads pages (I will give my account on there some attention as I work through all of these as well!). Click to read on…

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Is It Time to Quit Your Day Job and Go Pro

Gave me something to think about this morning…

Expat Journal: Postcards from the Edge

885756_830581123663491_378352687033749097_o Stephen F. Dennstedt

Are you a Creative? Do you write, do you paint, are you a dancer, an actor, a crafts person, or like me a photographer? Whatever your creative pursuit you probably have dreams or fantasies of doing it full-time. Some would call it going Pro (professional), where your hobby morphs into a full-time career. It’s a wonderful dream and a scary proposition (or at least it can be). I think it’s helpful to listen to others who have made the leap or the transition. It can be done, in fact it’s being done all the time, but it’s not all pie-in-sky. This short video by Matt Granger, professional photographer, gives you some great insights into the process. But it’s equally applicable to other Creatives (not just Photogs).

I think you can have it all in life, just not all at the same time. Life (at least in…

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2016 Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 1 – ‘Red or Green’


So like last year, I am taking part in the Writer’s Digest November Poem-a-Day Chapbook Challenge – with a prompt set every day in the month. I put a selection of the poems I wrote last year into a collection after a little bit of tweaking, which I still need to look into submitting to publishers – must get on that, not quite sure where this year has gone! Anyway, here is the first poem for this year – enjoy!

Today’s prompt: Write a ‘stay’ poem and/or a ‘go’ poem (I combined both into one)

Red or Green

Sit and stew on it a spell.
Get up and grab the day.
See it through to the end.
Escape before bitterness begins.
To do the sensible thing.
To strike one for spontaneity.
To play it safe for now.
To roll a riskier pair of dice.
In that comfortable, familiar sweater.
And rip the old you to shreds.
Stay or go, the fact remains
That it could tighten those bonds,
Or finally break you free.

Like this poem? Read more in my first poetry collection, ‘The Awakening’, available NOW for download as an eBook on Amazon. Check it out here:

So I won an art competition…

A Shenmue art competition, specifically, in which the prize was a sculpture of the ‘Phoenix Mirror’ from the game. The competition required you to design your own mirror, that wasn’t of one of the mythical creatures already featured on a mirror within the games. (i.e. Dragon or Phoenix) This was mine, a ‘White Tiger’ mirror, which, considering this was my first time doing any sort of art for a loooong time, I’m pretty dang pleased that it won!!


I’ll be sure to post photos of the sculpture when it arrives 🙂



Scribblings from Second-Hand Books (#001)


So, I just finished From Baghdad, With Love (Lieutenant Colonel Jay Kopelman) today, (a quick book review to shortly follow in another post) and upon reaching the final pages, found some curious scribbles which must have been written in by the book’s previous owner (I purchased it second-hand from a charity shop) I’ve noticed this in several of my books actually, and like this one, there is sometimes phone numbers scrawled in there as well! (obviously I won’t post those), and find it strangely fascinating, trying to decipher meaning from something that a distant person I have never met has written. Therefore, I think I’ll make a series of these, and post them as I discover them! See what you make of this one (there is also a photo of the page above for good measure)

You cancelled Sat. – We don’t have any money – Then on(?) again because why? because I make a fuss today flowers because I ask 4 them.

I am unhappy, I am ignored until it suits you

I sit outside the skate park day after day

What do people make of this then? An angsty teenager who was a poet in the making? Has anyone else found intriguing scribblings left behind in their books from those who read them before? I’d love to hear if anyone else ever runs into this phenonmeon…

Check out my first poetry collection, ‘The Awakening’, available NOW for download as an eBook on Amazon. Check it out here: