The Awakening – Download today!


Today I am posting the opening and titular poem of my debut poetry collection, The Awakening. If you enjoy this little tasthen ter please click here to download the full collection – only £2.99! – it is in ebook format but if you don’t have a Kindle there is a download for the Kindle app on the same page (which can be used on computers/tablets/smartphones etc). Also please leave a review and rating, every little helps 🙂

The collection received a very positive review from blogger Stephanie Jane:

The Awakening is a particularly thoughtful poetry collection which examines a range of concepts, emotions and philosophical questions. I liked Peacock’s presentation of his ideas which are often quite abstract so I found myself taking time after each poem to ponder, rather than rushing on to the next offering.

So for your reading pleasure, here is the opening poem:

The Awakening

It’s an elusive creature, that creative spark.
Flashing fragments and moments melted away
In the invasive heat of reality, lost to the dark,
After the cycle of the same old steps, ends the day.

Long may it slumber if we do not stop to ponder
The potential all around us, be it rushing or lifeless.
If we detour from day-to-day, to stare in wonder
We realise the creativity the world can possess.


Look at those eyes, pools of personality and stories,
And lonely castles lying dormant after past glories.
Choked by twisting branches and jet-black thorns,
Their tendrils slowly sucking life out of our lawns.

Observe ruined buildings with mouths agape,
And sticks clamped together into a star-shape.
Near-fading footprints stamped into mud,
Close-to-dying leaves drenched in blood.

Our ears ring with noise confined to thought,
A symphony of recollection, sounds we caught.
Silent songs heard from a stationary violin,
The echoing words of virtue, as well as sin.

Look at the others who have chosen this deviation,
They have lost much, bore the same frustration.
But on this new route, the essence is recovering,
The inner creature absorbs all, the body unmoving.

Hollow-eyed masks filled with depper meaning,
Half-open, half-closed, a state of dreaming.
Masks with faces that don’t want to be found,
Mouths wide open but yet they emit no sound.


It’s an elusive creature, that creative spark.
Mending broken pieces, showing us the way,
A torch that guides us through the dark,
But its power charged by the light of day.

Check out this and more in my first poetry collection, ‘The Awakening’, available NOW for download as an eBook on Amazon. Check it out here:

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